UKARMS M-213AF (Spring)


This is my second gun from UKARMS and I have to say, it is way better than the M-997. This pistol came in a box with a flashlight/laser and a few bbs. The gun does not have a safety, or any other moving part on the outside besides the mag release, slide, and trigger. The magazine is quite heavy and holds 10 BBs. It doesn't have a lock so you have to hold the spring down while you load. The pistol is probably a 2/3 scale model of a 1911, and is't all that hard to cock back. It is advertised as 180 fps, but in my opinion its over 200. It's accurate with .12g BBs up over 30ft. and .20g BBs drop after 20ft.  The laser uses 3 LR44 button cell batteries, and is quite powerful for the quality. The gun has no rails, so the laser just clips onto notches under the barrel. You can't adjust the laser, so it's a bit inaccurate, but it still gives you a pretty good idea of where the BB will hit. The iron sights are more accurate though. On top of the laser is a small blue flashlight, but it isn't really powerful. The On/Off switch is located on the bottom, and activate both the laser and flashlight at the same time. You cannot only turn one on or the other, only both. Also, you cannot holster the gun with the laser attached because it doesn't fit. All in all this UKARMS pistol surprised me. It was alot stronger than I expected and worth the money. Even though I would never use this in a skirmish, even a backyard war, it is an OK gun to have just for target shooting.


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