Rules And How To Play 

Since airsoft is a game, there are rules you need to follow. There are basic rules everyone should know, as well as other rules used in specific games. Below are the basic rules, which you should read, memorize, and perform throughout all games.

Basic Rules
1) Everyone may ONLY use airsoft guns in their games. There is usually a limit on the fps of all guns. The most common are an indoor limit of 300-350 fps to an outdoor limit of 350-450 fps. Every area is different, so make sure you check before you go to a match.

2) Everyone MUST wear eye protection, whether just safety goggles or a full face mask. Also, to minimize minor injuries, it's recommended that you wear a longsleeved short or sweatshirt, full pants, and gloves. Also, most pro airsoft fields require you to wear a full face mask. If you are a problem with not wearing eye protection, you will be banned from playing. If you do find yourself with fogged up lenses, crouch down behind something, or lay down flat on the floor, and quickly clean them.

3) If you are directly hit by a bb anywhere on the body, you are considered hit and in most games, "killed". This means you are out of the game until the next one starts, unless you are playing with special rules, such as multiple lives (see below). If you are hit, most games will have a safe-zone where you can wait for the next game. If your weapon is hit, you are not considered out. If you think you may have been shot, but are not sure, then you should call yourself out so it doesn't cause any small arguments. Everytime you are hit during a game, you must first, yell "HIT", then walk to the safety zone with your gun held over your head with both hands and keep this position until you get there. If you are a problem with not calling yourself out, you will no be allowed to play anymore.

Note: If you are shot after you have called yourself out, just yell "HIT" again and deal with it. It will happen to everyone, but to reduce these instances, make sure you follow the prosedures perfectly in order to not be mistaken as still in the game. Make sure you are standing straight and walking directly to the safe zone as soon as you get hit.

Optional Rules:

One or more players in each team are the medics and can "heal" "wounded" players during the game, which means they are back in the game. If you are hit in a game with medics, you must lie on the ground where you were shot. Then you yell for the medic, and when they touch you, you are back the life. To make this more realistic, the medics should have gauze or toilet paper to represent gauze. When a player is hit, the medic has to wrap gauze on the wounded player's bicep to signify that the player was saved by a medic. Also, if a medic is hit, they are out and anyone else who is hit cannot be brought back to life.

Multiple Lives
Players can have multiple lives to either make games last longer, or make games fair. Instead of saying "HIT", you say "FIRST HIT". After that, they have to stand for 30 seconds with their weapon over their head. All hits to this player during the 30 seconds do not count, and the player cannnot move nor shoot while counting. When you lost your last life, for example if it were a 2 life game, the second time are hit, you just yell "HIT" and are out of the game.

Damagable Weapons
If your weapon is hit during the game, you may not use it at all for the rest of the game. You can either use a secondary weapon, or borrow one from someone else. If you cannot find a weapon to use, you are considered "killed".

Bodily Damage
If you are hit in a non-vital region of you body (ex. arm, leg, hand, foot, etc.), you are not killed, but you cannot use that limb at all. A second hit to the same limb is a "kill", so is a hit to a vital area. This rules is recommended with friends who you really trust.

No Head Shots
If someone shoots someone in the head, the hit person is not considered killed. Instead, the shooter must call themselves out. When a person is hit in the head, they must yell "HEAD SHOT" to let the shooter know that they where hit in the head.  

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