Airsoft Tip #9

July 20, 2012
Sometimes in the middle of a game, it may be hard to tell if the player in front of you is on your team or not. Colored bandanas are a good way of distinguishing different teams. Just tie a bandana of your team color to your shoulder, forehead, or covering your mouth.

Airsoft Tip #8

April 15, 2012
Make an easy gun rack out of a board and a dowel. First, place your gun over the backboard and mark where you want the dowels to be. The best places to hold a pistol is under the hammer and in front of the trigger guard. For a rifle or shotgun, towards the front of the stock and under where you grip the gun.
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MasterKey Prototype 2

March 31, 2012

I finally got big enough zip ties to go around the M4 and the shotgun and keep them in place. I used 3 large zip ties and 1 smaller one to hold it in place. The shotgun can be pumped without moving back, and stays in place relatively well, There is only a small bit of sliding where the 2 tactical rails touch, but its not a big problem. The zip ties allow me to easily remove the shotgun when I no longer want it attached, as well as re-mount it when I decide to put it back on. The shotgun can b...
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MasterKey Prototype 1

March 23, 2012

This is my version of the MasterKey, which I was inspired to make after watching an episode of Sons of Guns. To those who don't already know, the MasterKey is a shotgun mounted on the bottom rail of an M16 assault rifle. It's basically a double purpose weapon; the shotgun is used to breech doors and the M16 against the bad guys on the other side.Obviously, you don't need to breech doors in an airsoft war, nor does this shotgun have the potential. However, it does work for having your main/sec...
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Airsoft Tip #7

March 17, 2012
Make an easy gun shield out of cardboard. Cut a V on the top side so you can still see where the bbs are hitting. Tape to the gun so it doesn't fall off. Optional: Spray paint it a solid color or camo.


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Airsoft Tip #6

February 18, 2012
You can make your own tactical helmet out of a skateboarding helmet, paint, and a headlamp. First, spray paint the helmet the color you want (green for woodland, tan for desert, and black for urban, etc.). Then remove the strap to the headlamp. Then, using a hot glue gun, glue the flashlight to the front.


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Airsoft Tip #5

February 13, 2012
If you need to transport your airsoft gun, say to a field or to a friends house, but don't have a gun case, use a guitar bag or case. Most cases they have pockets that you can keep your mags, speedloader, or other things.
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Airsoft Tip #4

February 11, 2012
Make easy airsoft grenades with a few easy-to-get supplies. First, you'll need an easter egg, airsoft bbs, a fire cracker, tape, and a knife. Start off by poking a hole at the top of the easter egg. Then poke the fuse from the fire cracker through the hole. Fill the other half of the egg with bbs (I prefer .12g because they are cheaper and lighter). Close the two ends and tape around so it won't open when you throw it.

Note: This may not be allowed in airsoft fields. Use only for backyard airs...
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Airsoft Tip #3

February 8, 2012
If you plan to use Glow-in-the-Dark bbs as tracers in low light conditions, make a mix of them and the bbs you normally use. That way you are not giving off a steady stream of glowing bbs that the opposing team can see and track where the shooter is shooting from. If 1 per 5 shots is the Glow-in-the-Dark kind, you will be able to see where the bbs are hitting and the enemy will (usually) not be able to see where the shots are coming from.


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Airsoft Tip #2

February 4, 2012
If you need a "smart-charger" so you don't fry your battery, here's an alternative to those expensive ones. Get one of those lamp timers that you can set the hours you need to charge your battery. Then connect your battery to its charger, and the charger to the timer, and the timer to an electrical outlet. And now you have a simple but effective "smart-charger" for about $5-10.


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