UKARMS M-997 (Spring) 


This Chinese made airsoft gun by UKArms is really small. About as long as my hand, it is very light and compact, but my pinkie finger doesn't fit on the grip. Also, this gun has no safety, the orange tip (the barrel) rotates, and was packaged in a plastic bag. The whole gun is plastic except the screws and the spring. The magazine release is where the safety would be on a real gun (this airsoft gun it supposed to resemble the 1911), and the plastic mag drops out. It holds 8 bbs, and you must hold the spring down while you load it (there is no notch to keep the spring down). The mag slides easily into the gun, but jiggles a little while in it. To cock the gun, you pull the slide back and release. This is fairly easy, nothing a child can't hande. The gun shoots at about a whopping 95 fps, which is the lowest fps I have owned to date. I would recommend the use of .12g bbs, .2g bbs only go 10 ft before they drop and are very inaccurate. But even with .12g bbs it is still bad. The sight are usless in this gun, so it's more of a point-and-shoot. It has a nice, clean trigger pull, and the noise it makes when shot is a soft pop. The gun is not durabe, it might break if dropped on the ground, and cannot take the abuse of a real airsoft war. I would recommend this gun as just a prop gun or even a target gun that you can shoot in your room. It won't go through paper (it's that weak), so you need to use something like a napkin or tissue as your target. Don't spend over $5 for it, or just don't buy it at all.


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