Soft Air Mossberg Cruiser Kit


The Mossberg Cruiser Kit comes with a Mossberg M590 shotgun, a compact .45 pistol, and a bag of .12g bbs. The 2 guns are spring powered, the shotgun being 355fps and the pistol being 162fps. None of the bbs have defects, but they do have seams, and are not recommended for AEG's, and they are clear green. The .45 pistol is a great backup gun, and is very accurate with .2g bbs. The magazine holds 9 bbs, and the reservoir holds about 70 bbs. The mag release is located where it is on a real .45, and it has a smooth cocking slide and trigger. The safety is a lever that is located on the right side of the gun. The M590 shotgun features a pistol grip as well as top tactical rails for mounting a laser, scope, etc, however, it only shoots one bb at a time. It has no sights, so aiming is mostly guessing, however once you get the hang of it, it's really accurate with both .12 and .2g bbs. It has adjustable hop-up, and has a very-easy-to-use pump action. I have had a few incidents where I didn't fully pump it back, and when I released it, a bb shot out. The mag release button is located between the mag and trigger guard, and can cause the mag to drop if accidentally pressed. The magazine holds 12 bbs, and the reservoir holds 180. To get the bbs from the reservoir to the magazine, pull down the spring, and shake the mag upside down and in a rocking motion so they go into the magazine (same for pistol). It also feature's Slam Fire, where you hold the trigger down and it shoots every time you pump it. The gun itself is fairly lightweight compared to the Crosman Stinger S32P, so it won't tire you during wars. That being said, this kit is skirmishable, but you will need more bbs. This is a really great kit, and I would recommend this especially to a beginner who is looking for low-cost primary and secondary weapons to use in backyard airsoft wars. It would also make a great gift idea because it come with all you need to get started, except safety goggles.


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