Crosman Stinger S32P (Spring) 


i do like the gun very good close range. bad for sniper secondary weapon anouther bad part is its pump action automaticas are way easier to use do like the power too



This is a very cool gun. It is a shotgun, but it only fires 1 bb at a time. It powerful (350 fps) and accurate even though is has no sights. The magazine holds 15 bbs, and the resevoir holds about 175 bbs. On the bottom of the mag there's a dial you turn to make the bbs go into the magazine. It is very easy to pump. The lack of a stock makes the gun easier to carry, but it makes it harder to keep still while you aim. Also has adjustable hop up and features Slam-Fire, where you hold the trigger and it shoots every time you pump the gun. It tends to get jammed once in a while, and the last 2 bb don't get fired. Over all a great primary beginner gun with good range and accuracy with .20g bbs.


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