UTG UHC 1911 (spring)


The UHC 1911 pistol combines the realistic features of a real 1911 pistol along with great performance. It is very sturdy, and the realistic weight also makes it easier to aim than lighter pistols. It has 2 safeties, which makes it even less likely to accidentally discharge. The first safety is the thumb safe, in which you use your thumb to engage and you cannot rack the slide. The second safety is the grip safety, which your palm must be pressing in order to pull the trigger. It even came with a barrel plug if you wanted to be even more safe. It has a textured grip, mag release, hammer, and the part of the slide you use to pull it back, which makes it easier to get a grip and less likely to accidentally drop the gun itself. Speaking of dropping, the gun itself will most likely survive a fall from shooting position, however it will probably get really scratched and dented. The gun can also be field stripped, in case you get a jam during battle and can't easily fix it. It has built it hop up, so .2g bbs are a must as .12g bbs curve up. It is very accurate, and I have no problem hitting the side of a soda can at 35 feet. Spare mags are available in case one 25 round magazine is not enough, which by the way the bbs load in one at a time. This is a great gun to own for people who either have a real 1911 and want an airsoft gun to practice shooting because it is cheaper, safer, and quieter, or for someone looking for a reliable, realistic sidearm for a good price.


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