UTG Airsoft BB Speedloader


A speedloader is a necessity airsoft accessory, especially if you have a low- to medium-cap mag that you need to reload often. It is 10 times more efficient that using a tube loader, and takes less time, which is very important if you are being shot at during a skirmish. It holds about 120 bbs if you fill it to the top, and has markers that let you know about how many bbs you have left. Its got a lock to hold down the part you push to eject bbs, but if you bump into it it will pop out again. It releases 4 bbs at a time, but only 3 go into the magazine at a time. This means that the extra bb will spill out when you remove it. Also, unless your mag holds bbs in a multiple of 3, you are going to have a lot of spilled bbs, which can get annoying. Also, you sometimes have to shake the loader so the bbs feed to the port. The size is good so you can fit it in your pocket, in a mag pouch, or in the pocket on top of a holster. Over all this is a must have and make reloading time quicker. This along with extra mag, and you will be set so you won't have to reload that often, and when you do, it won't take ages.


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