S&W M3000 (Spring) 


The Smith & Wesson M3000 pistol grip shotgun is very similar to the Crosman Stinger S32P, as well as the Soft Air Mossberg M590. It has some weight to it, and has other realistic features too. The mag holds 19 bbs, and you need a speed loader to load them. It has no reservoir, so when you run out, you have to take out your speed loader again to reload. To release the mag, push both buttons (one on each side) and slide it out. Pumping the gun is easy, and it reaches 300 fps. It has adjustable hop-up, however it seems  to be too much even for .2g bbs because they curve as well. With it off, the accuracy is really good, even though it has no sights. You can attach your own red dot or scope or whatever on the top rail, and it also has side rails. One thing that bugs me is the trigger. Its really far back, and the trigger pull is short. The safety is behind the trigger, cross bolt safety. Another thing that can be a little annoying is that the last 2 bb don't get chambered, so when it stops shooting bbs, turn the gun upside down, then pump it and you will be able to shoot again. Also, since it has no stock, keeping it still is a a bit challenging, but no stock means its more compact. I would recommend this gun to anyone just starting airsoft and wants an accurate, high powered gun. It has a few problems, but is made by a great firearms brand, Smith & Wesson.


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