Soft Air M4-1911 Ops Kit


This kit comes with a  DPMS A11 spring rifle and  Colt 1911 spring pistol as well as safety glasses, a flashlight, laser, and a pack of 500 bbs. First, the safety glasses are cheap and the lens are messed up. The flashlight has a blue light and is pretty cool, but it's a pain to mount it to the rifle. The red laser goes on the pistol, and isn't the best. It doesn't really attach well to the rail, but manages to stay on sometimes. The bbs are .12g and are cheaply made (I found 2 with defects). The Colt 1911 spring pistol comes with the rail, which gets in the way of cocking the gun. Since you don't really need the laser anyways, I suggest you just take it off. Cocking the gun takes a bit of power, and is not good for younger kids. It's actually pretty powerful for a cheap gun, and I was suprised by the accuracy. It wasn't perfect, but I could hit a paper target at 25 feet away 4 out of 5 times. That being said, it is not durable at all. Do not expect this to last you more than a month, if not a week. Mine broke the second day after shooting 7 mags, which by the way holds 12 bbs. The mag wiggles a little inside the gun, and just drops when you release it. The A11 rifle is a pretty good first time gun and comes with a removable forearm grip and 4 side tactical rails. The safety says semi and auto, but they don't mean anything. It's not real accurate, but it has ok power. The front sight isn't adjustable, and the back sight is a peep hole only adjustable for elevation. Pretty easy to cock it, and he gun is very light. The removable stock is heavier that the actual gun, but with it on it's still very light. The plastic, especially the charging handle, does not feel durable. The mag holds over 20 bbs (I don't know the exact number), and the resevoir holds 500 bbs. It's one of those mags where you hold the spring down and shake it so the bbs roll into the actual magazine. The mag doesn't slide into the gun smoothly, and to release it, you push the button and pull it out. Also, you're better off not useing the sling mounts, they could break off. I would recommend .18g bbs if you can find them. Overall, you're really only paying for the A11 and accessories, since the pistol doesn't last long, however I wouldn't recommend you buy it from personal experience.



The m4 is AMAZING!!!! It does everything I wanted and more. You just pour bb's into the little sliding out thing in the bottom, pull down the bb holder, and shake them in. The 1911 is what brings this kit down. It's clip is super cheap plastic and isn't nearly as good as any of my other pistols. If you really want the m4, you might want to try and find it without the 1911


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