Softair Defender Of World Peace (Electric) 


This is a good starter or secondary airsoft gun. It needs 4 AA batteries to work, and the hopper (which is the scope) holds almost 200 bbs. It is gravity fed, so not good for inclined shots. It also has a flip-down hand grip, and you must hold down the safety and pull the trigger at the same time to shoot. It's only 115 fps, so it has a limited range of 15-20 feet. Also, the sights it has are on the top of the scope, a notched sight, and it's basically useless. It's more of a point and shoot kind of gun. It's pretty accurate (the bbs follow each other in the same line), and you get more range with .12g. bbs, however never used .2 g. bbs with it. Over all a pretty decent gun for backyard airsoft with similar guns, with a few cons.


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