Mexican Army Loadout

1. CADPAT Digital Camo Woodland Field Jacket. This is actually the camo that Canada uses, however I could not find the exact name of what Mexico uses and the two are very similar. In fact, I read somewhere that Mexican Uniforms are actually MADE in Canada, which would make a lot of sense.

2. CADPAT Digital Camo Woodland Pants. Just to add to above, the Mexican army uniform was recently updated as of 2010, for the safety of its soldiers. It used to be a solid green, which offered no camouflage in the field.

3. Heckler and Koch MP5. The MP5 is a light submachine gun adopted by the Mexican Army. Originally from Germany, these "machine pistols" make excellent primary weapons because of their compact size. In person, I've seen both the fixed- and adjustable-stock used by soldiers.

4. Beretta 92FS. The most popular sidearm for the Mexican special forces is the Beretta 92FS. 

5. UTG Deluxe Tactical Vest Green. Vests used by Mexico aren't actually really complicated, and I've seen them in both green and sometimes black.

6. CADPAT Digital Camo Tactical Helmet.

7. Safety Sunglasses

8. Tactical Boots Black. The boots they use are fairly high and also kinda shiny. As expected, have pants tucked into boots.

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