DE G36C (Spring)


Gun: g36c clip size: 21 medium/long range 3/5 has good sniping advantage but its spring and only has about 230 fps



The G36C is a very cool looking gun. It's good for with lefties and righties, and is light. The stock is removable, and so is a piece on the barrel. Very accurate with .2g bbs, and it has open sights, no peep hole and stuff. Also has a long tactical rail for adding something like a red dot sight. The mag isn't the best. It only holds 21 bbs, plus, you have to load them one by one. The power is pretty low too, but not bad. The safety can be put on or off from both sides of the gun, and the bolt is concealed, so you have to pull it out on either side. It's also really close the the muzzle. Good, accurate gun with .20g bbs.


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