Cybergun FAMAS Foreign Legion (Spring)



This gun is a great assault rifle and sniper. What I really like about the gun is the fps (370), accuracy, and overall feel. Both sights are adjustable, and you can hit a target at 100 feet (or more)! It has 2 tactical rails (1 on top of the carrying handle, and 1 under for like a forearm grip or laser), feels durable, mag holds 45 bbs, and is comlpetely ambidextrous. It also has adjustable hop-up, located under the cheek rest at the rear of the gun. Sling mounts are metal, so I find them trustworthy. The only complaint I have is reloading the mag takes forever. You need to get your tube loader, fill it with bbs, then ram the bbs into the mag. Also, you must cock the gun upside down in order to fire the last 2 bbs. Over all a good beginner gun for use in airsoft wars with mostly starter guns. Only use .2g bbs, .12g bbs curve ALOT. I would also recommend getting a speed loader because tube loader are a real pain, especially during a battle. 

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