Cybergun Desert Eagle .44 Magnum (Spring) 


this magnum is one of the best pistols I have owned!!! With 320 fps its very accurate and has a clip size of 31!! Amazing! The one con about it it is a little heavy but besides that great gun can be purchased at



The Desert Eagle .44 Magnum is a great replica of the real DE. Like the firearm, it is a large pistol, and finding a holster for it can be a bit difficult. It also has nice weight to it. However, due to its size, holding it still to aim is a bit tricky. The magazine holds about 20 to 25 bbs because it curves and makes a U-shape. You load each bb one by one, which can be time consuming. The mag fits nicely into the gun, but (I dunno if its just my gun) it doesn't seem to stay in the gun. The release button is loose so if you shake the gun, it releases and the magazine falls out. I have to use a piece of tape to keep it on, so I don't have to hold it when I shoot. The grip is textured, and has a logo on it. The safety is the slide release, up for SAFE and down for SHOOT. The trigger is OK, but my favorite feature is that the hammer pulls back when you pull the trigger. Cocking the gun is pretty easy, and it's a bit loud when you shoot. It works way better with .12g bbs than .2g bbs. With .12g, the velocity is supposedly up to 250 fps, but only 150 fps with .2g bbs. Because of the low fps, it isn't great for long distances, like anything over 30 feet. But, for close range, the accuracy is decent. I can hit a soda can at 20 feet 4 out of 5 times, so hitting a person at that range should be no problem. The sights are rear notch and front fixed sights. All in all, I would use this gun in a backyard airsoft war because it accurate at close distances and it holds quite a bit of ammo. However, because you reload it one by one, the problem with the mag release, and low FPS, I would not use it in a real airsoft war.


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