Cybergun .12g Second Chance Earth Green BBs (10000 count) 


these bbs are pretty good to use and sell a pack of 10,000 for 10$ witch is great but they are a bit light and tend to fly off with the wind a bit they can be purchased at wal-mart i dont know about though



I got these BBs for my birthday and they are a great product. Not only does it come with 10,000 BBs, but it also included a free holster! They are good quality BBs and have no visible seams, but I wouldn't recommend using them for AEG's because they are still .12g and could mess it up. But for springers under 300 fps they are great. It's good to know that they have been recycled, and they are also cheaper than other packages of the same quantity. Overall this is a good product and is great if you are having a backyard battle with friends and need a lot of ammo for lower FPS guns.


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