Crosman Stinger P311


The Crosman P311 pistol is a model of the 1911 pistol. First of all, this is my best pistol to date. It has 325 fps; great for the price. It is also very accurate up to 40 feet with .2g bbs, even with .12g bbs. It had good weight in my opinion, not as heavy as a real gun, but not light as a feather like some other guns. It also feels really well when shooting. The safety is a lever located just above your thumb, looks like a slide release. Very easy to activate and deactivate in a shooting stance without veering off target. Cocking the gun is very easy and smooth. Pulling the slide back also pulls down the moving hammer, which is a realistic feature of this gun. The mag release is where it would be on most airsoft pistols, behind the trigger. When you press it, the mag literally shoots out. So have your other hand ready to catch it. To load bbs, pull the spring (which by the way is on the left side) all the way down until locks into place. Then you hold down the bb retainer button to load the bbs. Then release the button, and release the spring (release located on other side). The problem with this setup is you have to be careful not to press the spring release button on accident when you have bbs in the mag and the retainer open. If that happens, all the bbs will go flying out and you'll have to start all over again. This has only happened to me once, so it's not a huge problem. The magazine hold 12 bbs. Another problem people have had is that their gun jammed alot. This only happened to me once, when I loaded 13 bbs into the mag. That may or may not be the reason for their jams, but just don't load more than 12 bbs and it should not jam. Overall, this is a very good pistol that has better performance that other spring pistols of a higher cost. It makes a great sidearm, and if you are just starting out, can be a main weapon as well.

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