Crosman Pulse R72 (Electric)


its a very nice gun accurate and great for beginners. i give this a four because ive been using it for 6 days so far and it jammed once. stuck the jamming stick in but nothing happened. it wouldnt shoot. nice gun battery goes in the stock. has some metals parts and a hop up. 3 tatical rails which are metal. sights that are pretty accurate with .2s. battery charges for 7 to 8 hours. 325 fps. features semi auto and full auto and of course a safe switch. aeg... i would definitely recomend this gun. and for all those one star reviews saying this gun sucks porbably a little kid who broke it then there parents are complaining.  it jammed once and i had no clue what the problem was the motor wasnt running. this gun has a wind up clip. 600 rpm. 


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