Crosman Pulse R70 (Electric)


The Pulse R70 is an electric airsoft assault rifle that runs on rechargable batteries. The battery is in the magazine, which doesn't hold the bbs. The bbs go into the mock scope (hopper), which holds 600 rounds. This setup has its ups and downs, which I'll go over in a sec. It has R.I.S. rails, and comes with a forearm grip you can attach to it. The stock is retractable (has 4 settings) and removeble, which also makes the gun also good for CQC. The safety features SAFE, AUTO, and AUTO again because it is only full auto; no semi or 3 shot burst. It's only 150 fps, which is a bit low for some people. However, it has great rate of fire for the value. The R70 does not have true sights, but the mock scope does have lenses that you can see though. Sort of. One of my lenses is really blurry and scratched, so I can't see though it. That may just be a defect, but if you fill the hopper up, the bbs will block you fromm you from seeing through anyways. You can still "walk" the bbs to your target, but that can be tricky if you can't see where the bbs are hitting. The hopper is removable, but it only holds maybe 5 bbs at a time without it. Another bad thing about the mock scope is its gravity fed, so you have to shoot level or the bbs won't feed. Also, you might need to shake it once is a while if it stops shooting. A good thing about using a hopper instead of a mag is that it holds alot more bbs. Also you don't have to worry about buying a bunch of mags or going through the troubles of reloading the mags. All you need to do is pour more bbs into the hopper and you're good to go. The mag/battery connects to the gun itself, and comes with a charger that connects to an electrical outlet. The first time you charge it, it's for 6 hours. All the rest of the times you charge it it's only 4 hours. Battery life is OK; 15 to 20 minutes of use. So thats keeping the trigger pulled for 15 minutes, which is a long time. If you use it a little a day in your backyard, it should last 5 days before you need to recharge. .20g bbs have the best accuracy for this gun, so use those instead of .12g, however .12g won't hurt it like it will higher end AEG's. Overall, I really like this gun as a beginner AEG, and would recommend this to anyone looking to buy their first electric rifle. It's a little strange with the battery being the mag, and the bbs going in the mock scope hopper, but its a pretty good idea is many ways. So if you are looking for your first AEG and don't want one that's expensive, heavy, and/or picky about the type of bbs it needs to use, but has good battery life and is perfect for backyard airsoft battles, the R70 is good for you.


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