Crosman Pulse M74DP (Spring/Electric)


This gun is a mini model of the MP5 and is a good sidearm because of its size. It has both semi and full auto modes, and shoots 175 fps. The safety is a thumb lever, and controls semi, safe, and auto. To use semi auto, you need to pull the bolt back after each shot, so its not real semi auto, but repeater. To use full auto, you need to hold down the lever with your thumb to be able to shoot. It requires 4 AA batteries for full auto, none for semi. For accuracy, use .20g bbs, and for range use .12. Accurate up to 30 feet. Some cons about this gun are that the sights are not the best, you can't hold it by the forearm grip, weaker in semi auto mode, stock too small. and the grip is only good with small to medium sized hands, and it doesn't fit in a holster. Also, the scope is actually the hopper, and the mag is fake. With the hopper, the gun can hold 250 bbs. However, you can take it off to reveal different sights, but it holds few bbs without it. Overall, its a good main gun for small backyard battles with similar guns, or as a secondary weapon.


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