Crosman Defender Elite Kit


The Crosman Defender Elite kit comes with the Crosman Stinger R39 and P36, as well as a bonus holster and an un-jamming rod. The holster has a compartment for an extra mag, CO2 canister, or speedloader on the top, and has a buckle to keep the pistol from falling out while you run. At first it was really stiff and hard to holster a pistol, but eventually it will become more bendy and it will be easier to put in or remove a pistol. The pistol has hop-up, which isn't adjustable, therefore .12g and even .20g bbs will curve upwards. So it is inaccurate with these bbs, but I haven't tried heavier ones. The magazine holds 14 bbs, and is most of the weight of the pistol itself. Cocking the gun is a little stiff, and so is the safety, which is also barely out of reach from your right hand thumb, above the trigger. The assault rifle is modeled after a Knights Armament PDW, which has an M4 platform. The sights flip up, and the rear are adjustable peep sights. It has 4 rails, one main one from the front sight to the back, and 2 on the sides as well as 1 on the bottom, the last 3 being shorter that the first. The stock is foldable, which can come in handy in tight spaces, and folds out for more accuracy. One flaw to this design is that when it is folded, you cannot easily access the mag release. The magazine reservoir holds 350 bbs, and the magazine holds 18 bbs. The overall accuracy with .12g bbs is OK. However, if you are using .20g bbs, this gun is deadly accurate up to 75 feet. I am able to shoot at 3 inch gaps and hit people with ease. You must pull back the charging handle after each shot to cock the gun. The safety is the same as on an M4, but it only has 2 settings: Safe and Fire. The hop-up is located on the right side of the gun, push forward for hop and back for normal. Over all the kit is a great starter kit perfect for backyard battles. The pistol could be improved, but it is still a great product.


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