Crosman Airsoft Mask 


The Crosman full-face airsoft mask is a great mask for beginners to pros. It has an adjustable strap that buckles at the back of your head. The airways in front of your mouth are small enough that a bb won't go through, yet they still keep the lens from fogging. The lens give you a wide range of vision. There is also clearance, so you can wear seeing or sun glasses under the lens. You have to be careful where and how you set your mask down because if you set the lens on a hard surface, they will scratch. As long as you are careful, this shouldn't be a problem. There is a way you can separate the goggles from the part that covers your mouth so you can just use the goggles. But that's all for preference. This is a mask, not a helmet, therefor it only covers your face, not the back of your head. If you want to cover that, wear a hat backwards or get a paintball helmet. Also, there is foam lining around the lens, and that sometimes falls off. Just glue it back and it should be fine. Overall, this mask works perfectly for what it was designed to do; protect your eyes as well as you mouth, nose, and face from bbs. Would recommend this to anyone who is looking for eye protection for airsoft wars.


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