Cris's Airsoft Rules

 Terms of Agreement

I. Eligibility
1. Players must be at least 12 years of age.
2. Players must be aware of all the rules/agreements listed below, as well as the risks involved in the sport.
3. Players must have their own equipment to use.
    a. Players can arrange to "borrow" weapons prior to showing up with other players.

II. Safety
1. Players must wear eye protection during a skirmish or while anyone is shooting.
2. Warn everyone if you will be shooting outside of a game.
3. Do not shoot as an upwards angle over the fences.
4. Do not aim at windows, pond, aviary, or other fragile items.

III. Weapons
1. Each player is allowed to bring up to three (3) guns per person.
2. All guns must have an orange tip.
3. Ask other players before touching their guns.
4. Guns over the FPS limits described below using the weight of bbs you will be using are not allowed.
    a. Spring pistols may not exceed 400 FPS.
    b. Spring rifles/shotguns may not exceed 375 FPS
    c. Gas semi-auto pistols may not exceed 400 FPS
    d. Electric full-auto rifles may not exceed 300 FPS
    e. Electric semi-auto rifles may not exceed 350 FPS
    f. A rifle over 400 FPS OR labeled a sniper is not permitted.
5. The FPS of you gun is what the box OR the official website says it is.

IV. Gear
1. Each player can bring what they want to use during skirmishes, such as:
    a. Backpack/tactical vest
    b. Extra mags/ammo
    c. Food/drinks
    d. Weapon add-ons
    e. etc.
2. The following are not allowed:
    a. Illegal substances/alcohol
    b. Fireworks/pyrotechnics
    d. Objects designed to do harm
    e. Weapons over the FPS limit (described above)
3. Each person is responsible for their own gear.

V. Damage/Injury
1. Each person is responsible for taking care of their equipment and their health.
2. Legit accidents will have no consequences.
3. Intentional acts of harm are not allowed and will have consequences.
4. Stay in appropriate areas not marked as "Out of Bounds"

VI. Consequences
1. Will be decided by owner of damaged property.
2. Must be reasonable.
3. Not following safety and gun rules may result in:
    a. Warnings
    b. Sitting out a game
    c. Conversation with parents
    d. Suspension
    e. Expulsion

VII. Other
1. All players will help with the clean-up
    a. Putting obstacles back where they were
    b. Picking up up bbs in the garden
    c. Cleaning up any trash/packaging left on the floor.
2. After everything is put away, players can then pack own their gear.

By showing up, I agree to all the terms listed above.

* If you have any questions, text (707) 348-2656 or email me at

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