Airsoft vs. Paintball

Airsoft and paintball seem similar, but they have alot of differences. The guns are different, the ammo is different. Which is better? You decide.

So which hurts more? The average velocity for an airsoft gun is +300 fps. The average paintball gun shoots about +200 fps. Airsoft bbs are plastic and only 6mm, or .24 cal. Paintballs are usually .686 cal. and are heavier. BBs cause small welts but rarely break skin. Paintballs cause huge bruises (especially wen they don't break) and have more kinetic energy. So paintball hurts more.

Which is more realsitic. Airsoft guns are modeled after real guns. Paintball guns are abstract and have a huge hopper to hold all the ammo.  Airsoft is a simulation of wars and battles. Paintball is a game where players get splattered with paint. Airsoft was meant to be realistic.

So which is cheaper? Airsoft bbs are way cheaper than paintballs. Airsoft guns can be spring, electric, and gas. Paintballs are all powered by  more expensive gas. They all need safety gear, but each player gets different amounts. You don't really need extra gear for paintball. For airsoft  you can wear tactical vests, BDU's, tactical helmets, and get tons of accessories for guns like scopes, forearm grips, etc. Airsoft is slightly cheaper in most cases.

Which is more fun? Airsoft is as close as the real deal as possible. Paintball is more a game with actual umpires and more bunkers and forts and game choices. Airsoft guns are accurate. Paintball guns aren't. Cheating is common is airsoft because you can't really see the bbs flying around or if they impact on something. Paintballs leave splatters on players to show they where hit and are out. Paintball is usually more fun.

In the end, you decide which is better. I personally like the realism of airsoft, and how there is a code of honesty involved when calling yourself out. That does not mean airsoft is the better game. Paintball is a fast-paced, action packed game, great for outdoor fun.


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